Its a 1989 Ford mustang coupe Lx 5.0, 5spd, rebuilt, due to hit in the front, so it is still straight, and doesn't drift, even on freeway at 120.
The car also has a Grant steering wheel, Aircared for 2 years, flowmasters, subframe connectors, $3000 strawberry paint, (when car was rebuilt) New headlight kit, fuel pump, air filter, lowered, chrome ponies on new rubber, prob some other stuff I am forgetting. The tranny and engine have 82,000 kms, and the body has about 170,000 (APROX), but the odometer reads 219,000, but due to the gears when they were installed the odometer is not acurate. The battery is re-located to the trunk as well.

Just spent about $500.00 on other small things it needed at Billies.
Needs upper torque box work.
5500$ firm
Still driveable as is.
(604)961-3592 Frank