Where to recycle (dump) PC equipment?
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Thread: Where to recycle (dump) PC equipment?

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    Where to recycle (dump) PC equipment?

    Anyone know of a local place (greater Vancouver) area to recycle older PC gear and CRT monitors?

    I assume these places *don't* charge a fee?

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    Yeah 5th Gear in Richmond takes them. Just leave it outside thier door.
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    if they have any value left in them.. cal's computer warehouse may take them and give you a few bux

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    None right now...
    Every time i've been to Cal's with something, they've said they either didn't want it, or wouldn't pay for it. Most of the time they'd take it for free, but it came down to about 50% of the time for me, so I stopped going there... It's too much of a nuisance to go all the way over there and then just have to leave anyway. That and it's too much of a temptation to buy more junk to bring home when i'm there...
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