First big ride on K61000 (1500km)
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Thread: First big ride on K61000 (1500km)

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    First big ride on K61000 (1500km)

    Thought you guys may be interested - from my myspace:

    Man what a weekend!

    I was stressing out so much about it with work, and I couldnt get the new bike serviced in time.

    Anyway, we left at about 6pm on Friday night to head to Grafton in NSW (about 500km). It rained the ENTIRE way, and in spots, was actually raining so hard we had to slow down to 20km/hr. We just couldnt see where we were going. As scary as it sounds, it was actually alot of fun, and I considered it an 'adventure'.

    Here we are fuelling up at Ballina, about 150km from Grafton.

    So, we arrived in Grafton about 2230, soaked and absolutely freeeezing. We had a few drinks, then headed to our rooms for a good nights sleep, and to dream of the days ahead.

    Unfortunately, the next morning the weather hadnt improved. We still headed to Nymboida Mtn to see if it was at least ridable. It wasnt.

    We did a few slow runs through in the rain. Nothing too amazing, and headed back to Grafton for lunch and to check the weather report. It said rain all weekend. BASTARD!

    Anyway, by the afternoon, it wasnt looking TOO bad, so we went back up the mountian for a look-see. It was drier than before, but still a little unpredictable. Nothing worse than going into a corner looking dry a little hot, only to find a puddle half way around.

    Anyway, we had a few nice runs, and headed back to Grafton for dinner and drinks. The weather had improved greatly by the time we headed upstairs, and the weather report was promising for Sunday!

    Sunday morning, and we had lost 2 riders to their early leave for home. Sooks! We were down to me, Woody and Jason.

    We headed back up Nymboida for a play on this beautiful sunny day. The roads were dry, and the temp was just beautiful. I had some amazing runs. It was nice to see what the new bike could do, and at times it scared the living piss out of me! Its just amazing. So fast and so easy to control.

    From here, we went back to Grafton so I could give the bike a wash at a drive through. I beleive in looking after the things that look after me, and I just couldnt stand seeing the bike a mess. From there, we headed to Jackadgery on a nice straight peice of road we took quite spiritedly.

    From here, we headed through the Great Diving Range and saw some of the most beautiful sights. Its just amazing riding up through a rainforest to the top, to see this...

    Not the most attractive photo I know, but this was after ~1000km, so Im tired.

    From there, we scooted through Drake to Tenterfield where we were the only people staying at the Tenterfield Pub. We got to watch the Superbikes and have the kitchen and bar to ourselves. Was a riot.

    One of the cooks kids was playing with a roll of alfoil. SO CUTE!

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    The next morning we had some spirited riding again on the Bruxner highway. Amazingly beautiful road, 4 lanes wide and twisty as. Loved it!

    Then a run on probably the WORST road I have ever ridden on (for 71km too!) to Woodenbong. I swear, i will NEVER do that road again. Its worth the extra 100km to go around it.

    From here, we went over Mt Lindsay (some more gorgeous twisties and top roads) and home to Brisbane..

    All in all, one of the BEST weekends EVER!

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    hey nice pictures and nice bike!
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    cool mang.....4x is still gross beer
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