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    Richmond Kart track
    I was wondering if anyone has ever tried bringing there motard to the
    Richmond kart track? Ive been there before and its a bit bigger track then the F440. But i remember going there 2 years ago and asking if i can bring my fiddy on the track and they said they couldnt for some legal reasons and told me to try F440.

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    A few of us spoke of this a while back, unfortunately it never went much further than that. I think it would be great to look into. Once again though, I think if we were to develope F440 into a big enough event that it gives us a model to go elsewhere with and say "look what we did here and how well it worked."

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    the track is lined with tires and a hard plastic barrier. Any mistake would be a get-off, and it's not "much" bigger, and especially not any wider, maybe a bit longer.

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