Hit block of wood on Hwy. What should I check 4 dmg?
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Thread: Hit block of wood on Hwy. What should I check 4 dmg?

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    Hit block of wood on Hwy. What should I check 4 dmg?

    Hey there. I commute to work everyday and today was no different except that I struck a piece of wood on the hwy today. It looked like one of those blocks that trucks stick behind their wheel to prevent rolling. Anyways, I was changing lanes behind a large flatbed semi-truck (low visibility). As I finished my shoulder check I was headed straight for this hunk of wood. Tried to evade it but pretty much nailed it with front tire at 80km/h,
    I stood up on the pegs and loosened the arms to brace for an impact. It struck my front tire, bottomed out my font forks and threw the TL into the air just a bit and then my back wheel ran over it(a little off the side). After the bike settled down after being jostled I just kept going…nothing seemed wrong.

    I’m just wondering what damage I should be looking for. As I said, the forks bottomed out pretty good but the fork seals don’t appear to be leaking. No lower fairing to bung up. Any idea what area to check when a bike goes through such a violent impact? Frame tweaking? Steering head? Suspension internals?
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    rim bent - if ur getting speed wobble
    forks - check for smooth compression/rebound

    pretty easy to know if u got good damage. bike will just be wobbling n shudder while braking/accelerating...other than that u should be ok.

    dats about all that will get damaged by that. go from there.

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    Hitting a wheel block at 80k without crashing...You could start by checking your butt for horseshoes...
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    Check for splinters

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    yea what they said above.. if your continued to ride with no problems your pretty much A-OK

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    Now go buy lotto tickets, lucky-ass!
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    Check the wheel rims edges for possible bends. If they are OK then the bike is OK. If you have a bend in them then check that the fork legs are in alignment. If not then the front end just needs loosening and re-tightening to let it all spring back into place. Just eyeball from side to side to see if the legs line up visually.

    But from the sounds of it you did fine. Good reactions to lighten up in the saddle and take it with your legs. Next time be sure a buddy has a video running...
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