replacing Shoei CX-1V visor on RF-1000
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Thread: replacing Shoei CX-1V visor on RF-1000

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    replacing Shoei CX-1V visor on RF-1000

    hey guys

    has anyone ever had problems replacing the visor on an RF-1000 or similar helmet. its got the quick release base. I can put the visor back on but its not sealing against the rubber liner when its closed properly. so i get a bit of noise and air. and the ends where it connects to the bases dont seem to be in properly. anyone ever had an issue with this?

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    I've had no issues with 2 seperate RF-1000's that I've owned. Are you sure you put the visor in evenly. Like, in the full upright position before you jammed her shut? I know sometimes it can close crooked in general because the little plastic nobbies on the quick-release will go 1 side a notch ahead of the other. Make sure they're mounted evenly? If there is a problem though. Contact Shoei and send it there for repairs if needed. I've dealt with Shoei customer service twice now, and both times they were amazing. They are half the reason why I keep purchasing Shoei's...

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    if the visor is in the clips properly and it's still not sealing try looking in the manual (if you have it). there are instructions as towhich adjustment screws, of several on the helmet, to use to fix different fit issues with the visor sealing when closed.

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    I swap my tinted visor off and on all the time without issues. Are the guides seated in the clips properly? When you open and close it, does it seem smooth? Check your manual as suggested, or pop into a local shop, they'll be able to give you a hand.
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