Accident - Coquitlam, July 6th 5:30pm-ish - you?
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Thread: Accident - Coquitlam, July 6th 5:30pm-ish - you?

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    Accident - Coquitlam, July 6th 5:30pm-ish - you?

    Looked to be a black Ninja 500, but couldn't clearly make out the bike other than the colour. It was at an intersection westbound on Lougheed, just before the merge where Lougheed dumps onto Highway 1 before the Portmann Bridge, just after Riverview Hospital headed west. Best guess was that it was a late left turner or the bike ran through. Ambulance, fire, police etc were all in attendance hovering over someone on the ground, and no one looked too rushed Also involved a red civic and a white Ford F150/250. Didn't look too promising...

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