HELP: What Helmet?
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Thread: HELP: What Helmet?

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    HELP: What Helmet?

    I am a totally new rider and I thought I'd take a look at shopping for some gear before going to buy a bike.

    Looking at people's opinions and such, I've come to the conclusion of an Arai or Shoei.

    Arai RX-7
    Shoei RF-1000
    Shoei X-11

    I was wondering what people thought of those helmets, and if they had other suggestions.
    Also, if anyone could point out a good place to buy them it'd be great. I'm not too sure about dropping 800 dollars for my first helmet.....

    I'm probably a size XS or a S.. I'm a 5'4 girl.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

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    Don't think you need to double post this so I'm going to close this one. You've already got some replies in your other thread.

    Helmets - welcome to the money pit! You've just chosen pretty much the three most expensive helmets! Isn't it funny how you're drawn to whatever costs the most? lol good luck
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