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    Question Frame sliders?

    Ok I have an old 1988 Gixxer 750 that I’m looking to get frame sliders for.

    However I have not been able to find any place that has sliders for my bike.

    Does anyone know where to get them, and if any other sliders will fit my bike?

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    Talk to John @ Bomax. If need be, he can build you a set.
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    if all else fails get the material(nylon?)in bulk stock in the diameter you need.drill it out so the bolt you want to use fits through and thencounter sink it so the head only goes part way through.the material can be bought in stock at industrial hardware places...i have a friend that makes them,if you want pm me and i will get more info.well your at it you can make barend and swingarm sliders for further protection.

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    Yeah, I don't *think* that anyone makes them for the '88 gixxer. I had an '89 and was looking for sliders, and couldn't find any. Making them yourself, or getting someone else to do it is probably your best bet.
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