What to look for when buying a used bike
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Thread: What to look for when buying a used bike

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    What to look for when buying a used bike

    I'm heading to kelowna this weekend to buy a 94' Honda CBR600 and was just wondering what are some things to look for when I get there. Some are obvious like tire wear but I don't have a lot of knowladge so anything you tell me would be helpful.

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    On the chain and sprockets you can tell roughly how far gone they are by pulling on the chain on the rear part of the wheel sprocket. If you can lift the chain away from the sprocket by more than about 1/3 to 1/2 of the tooth height then they are close to or at their max wear before you should consider new chain and sprockets. That's a $200 parts bill plus labour on top.

    If the tires are older than about 3 or 4 years then consider new ones regardless of how worn they are. Rubber hardens with age and you may need that last bit of grip to avoid an accident. There's a date code on the tires but they are not always easy to decypher. One thing for sure, if you can see any age cracks in the rubber then you need new tires before you do more than ride around the block.
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    Things I check:

    obvious signs of mal-maintenance, like rust, grease everywhere, lots of scuffs, sun damage, etc. Especially on the actual engine. Check chain, tires, inside gastank, for exhaust leaks, that all signals horn, kill etc work, hi and low beam...any breaks craks etc where they came from and when. Ask for any service receipts.

    I always ask if it is a new battery (usually means its being ridden), when the brake system was serviced, if the rubber is new, when was it tuned up, new plugs....if it has ever been tipped or crashed....if the carbs have been tuned or had any maintnance (if carb'd), who all previous owners were, what it was used for, where it was kept...km's if it has had any major mechanical work, who has done the work, how it was winterized etc....how often it has been ridden, are parts originals or replacement and why were they replaced...if it has been in storage.....check what the exhaust looks like ....listen for strange sounds and idle, take it for a test burn through all gears, do emerg stop, try front and rear brake only stopping in controled place.

    I am also located in Kelowna, good luck with the bike!

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    smell the seat...it could tell the bike history!

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    I'm surprised you have to go so far for a bike. NOthing good down here?
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    Good advice on the chain and tires. This is an older bike and those tires could be anywhere form 1 season old to 12 years old.

    Several factors determine tire replacement: tread wear look at the tread wear indicators), heat cycles (more of a racing/track day thing but beward of blue discoloration along the edges) and age (hardening and/or cracking of the tires).

    As for the date stamp, the manufacturers agreed on a date stamp code in the last few years. It would be an imprint; heat stamped into one sidewall of the tire. It should read as possibly 3 letters preceding 4 numbers or at least 4 numbers. For example, my front tire says: VMH0206 and the rear says DHC0506. There was a magazine article (which I can't be bothered to hunt down right now) which decoded most of this stuff, but you'll want to note the 4 numbers. They are the week and year of manufacture. SO, my front tire was made the second week (02) of 2006 (06) and my rear was made the 5th week of 2006, which would make it the first week of February 2006. A tire made in June 2005 might say "2605", or December 2004 might say "5004".

    Back to Bruce's point, you may not want a tire more than 4 to 5 years old because of that time degradation factor.

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