show me your greyhound !
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Thread: show me your greyhound !

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    show me your greyhound !

    I saw some guy walking his greyhound downtown the other night.

    Those are some seriously cool looking dogs in person.

    If I was actually gonna get a dog, and had all the means to take care of it properly (big yard, etc.), I think I might get one of these ones.

    Does anyone on here own one?
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    I just happen to work for this greyhound.

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    Inbetween bikes now. Thanks for bringing up bad feelings.
    I had one when I was 10. They don't do well in just a large yard. They need running room otherwise they go nuts. Similar to my Dalmation now.

    The difference is Greyhounds don't have the stamina Dalmations do so exercising them isn't quite as bad. If you can take them out for a run they will burn their energy quite fast. They're built for speed not distance where Dalmations are the opposite.
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    My mom brings them to the park every couple of days minnimum as well as a decent sized yard. They seem to like to run really fast for 3-5 mins and then lay down for 8 hours. If you are going to get one consider rescuing a track dog from the states. There are plenty of them and they are quiet and clean dogs.
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    Neihbors have two of them. Gorgeous animals. Apparently they are great with children and in between exercize sessions are quite content to be coach potatoes.

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