upper fairing swap?
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Thread: upper fairing swap?

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    upper fairing swap?

    I was wondering if there is another upper fairing that will fit onto an 88 cbr 600? I know there are street fighter ones but they're a little too small, I was just wanting a newer look rather than the one big square headlight. Any ideas?

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    Anything you get that has a different headlight arrangement will require a big bunch of work to re-do the mounting frame and arrange brackets that can support the new headlight and such. Even the streetfighter units that come with their own headlights will require some hacksawing or bending to get them to fit nicely. There's no "standard" to this sort of stuff. So if you want to do it then it's up to your ingenuity and luck. Some may fit with only a little work but other units will need a ton of mods.

    But if you're interested in having a go at it then look on ebay for Z1000 stuff. There seems to be a fair amount of headlight units and fairings for quite cheap.
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    Why don't you give borderline cycles a call Hakkim he's done lots of custom works and i'm sure he can sort it for you.

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