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    Original stickering

    Just wondering if you can buy original stickers for a cbr600 from factory/dealer. Dropped the little sucker accidently the other day, but i was basically at a standstill, just the ground was farther away from my foot than i expected..... tried to support it best i could, but ended up scratching the right lower fairing (and snapped the right mirror ) But the damage is really minimal, the scratches that actually made it onto the paint on the fairing can most likely be buffed out but the sticker took a little more of a beating. Just wondering if i have to replace the WHOLE fairing? or can i just get the stickers?

    I don't see why not, but it'd be a good way for honda to scam more money outta it's customers by not offering just teh sticker for sale.

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    why yes you can. i done it before on my gsxr. be carefull with removing the stickers yourself lots of things can happen.
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    thanks for the info and i'll be sure to take my time takin' them off
    mind my asking how much it cost you to buy these stickers?

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    You better be quick before ur cousin sees !!!!

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    Originally posted by Whitedragon
    You better be quick before ur cousin sees !!!!
    What're you talkin' about? He was there when i fell off of it...
    his exact words:

    "what're you doing?! Pick it up and get back on!"

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