I am looking to get a 600cc bike of some kind I have been, looking at CBR's,Gixxer's and R6's. DOesnt mean it has to be those exact bikes but I'm looking for a 600cc sportbike or to really just ramble on a buell as well. perforabily something 97+

I have 2 cars to trade or sell to or whatever.

1988 merkur XR4ti buuttt it has a swaped in 5.0L HO crate motor (never in another car) this thing is pretty bloody fast. puts down about 290ft.lbs to the rear wheels with no real dyno tuning done it could do much much more. 188k on the body and 60k on the full swap. there are so many aftermarket and performance upgrades on this thing I just dont want to list them all if no body interested. if somebody is PM or email me and I will give you the full run down.
5500 for that one

second car is a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited. Fully loaded has every power option you can imgaine. V8 for towing like 7000lbs. The seats are like driving in a very nice recliner at home but with alot of power behind it. 190k on it run's perfect, I am the second owner. Owners before didn't want to get rid of it but they had too many cars.
5000 for this one

These are for sale but when I sell them I'm buying a bike so if somebody is interested in getting a fast car or a comfortable SUV contact me