Bike with 'mystery history'
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Thread: Bike with 'mystery history'

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    Bike with 'mystery history'

    Looking at a bike that is from the U.S.--It is an 03 with 800km (equivalent) on it. It looks brand new, TOTALLY MINT, as it should. Just wondering if there is a way to check the VIN in the States to check if it's been damaged/rebuilt. It has a 'clean title', etc. in Canada, and has no 'rebuilt' status, however, my 'red flag' is up, just because I really can't be sure about its past.

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    None right now...
    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is (sorry, just wanted to throw that out there).

    There are ways to check the VIN in the US, but I don't have any links or contact info for them. I just know they exist. Try contacting the transportation department for the state the bike is registered in, maybe?
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    05 Monster S2R dont know if it works or if an alternative exists for biekes but worth a go?

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    Thanks for the reply...Carfax does not include reports on motorcycles, unfortunately. Anybody know of an alternative?

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    If you met a foreign girl in a local bar and she told you that she had a clean Canada, you might want to dig a little further into her story.

    I used CarProof Verified BC

    It had US information including Damage, Grey Market, Rebuilt, Salvage, etc. Of course, the information, like local information, is only as good as what's available on record.

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    You can't be sure of it's past... Even a bike out of province is slightly sketchy because ICBC can't track past accidents.

    Think resale too. If you end up selling it down the road, others will have a hard time with not knowing it's history.

    I think it is worth the wait of looking around in BC...

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    not worth the risk
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    you're an idiot

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