bill o'reily gets pwnd big time, lol!!
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Thread: bill o'reily gets pwnd big time, lol!!

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole

    bill o'reily gets pwnd big time, lol!!

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    Pwed good!!! Set it straight.
    A bad day of riding is, still better than a good day of work.

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    No! NO! NOOO!!! Not Papa Bear! His truthiness comes from the gut, therefore it can never be wrong.
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    What a tool! I don't see why it would have been so hard for him to just admit he made a mistake. But nooooo.

    It frightens me the number of people who take what he says as "the gospel" when he is so full of shit it's unbelievable. "No Spin Zone" my ass.
    Work sucks -- let's go riding!

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    mill o'reilly is retarded. clinically

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