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Thread: Hadn't seen this...

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    Hadn't seen this...

    Ok, this one was new to me, and I'm usually pretty good at keeping up to new models. Anyone ridden one? Its odd looking, and with all that low end they talk about... did they just stick some cruiser engine in there?


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    its all low end power. its a big hog. fast in a straight line.. glorified duc monster if u ask me

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    It's god damn heavy but it looks awesome! Isn't it Rossi's choice street bike?

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    I saw one a checkpoint on St. Johns. Looks pretty sweet.
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    that thing is a cruiser in disguise

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    I'm waiting for this one.

    Word on the street is the MT is a hoot to ride. I've not ridden one, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night, I found the rubber pads on the frame all the wrong shape and too wide. Those would be pried out, and replaced with Stomp-Grip.

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    looked at one yesterday pretty sweet ride.....very big.

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    I test rode an MT01 from Pacific Yamaha. If I was in the market for a Buel, I'd look at the MT01 instead.

    It's a VStar motor coupled with a bunch of R1 components (swing arm, forks, brakes, wheels, etc.) and it's pretty dope to ride. Lots of torque and fun to flick around in the tight stuff.

    It has a very high saddle. I'm 5'10 and I was on my tippy toes at stop lights.

    My impression was that Yamaha made the type of motorcycle in one year what Buel's been trying to make in almost 2 decades - a fun performance bike centered around a torquey cruiser motor.

    Although it's got great components and looks awesome, it's a little enemic for total power. Not a lot of top end and I've heard it be referred to as the EMTy one. If I were to pick one up (which I'd seriously consider over a Ducati and definately over a Buel) a set of pipes to let that muther breath would be the first thing I did before even taking it off the showroom floor.

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    i like the look of it for sure and i bet its fun... but 1600cc's thats alot in insurance and gas
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    Ive ridden the MT a few times.. I was really really unimpressed. It vibrated so much it wasnt fun.

    Our demo is all tricked out with the official Yamaha kit - Akra pipes, etc.. It sounds AWESOME.. and i love the low-end grunt, but its all the nastyness of a cruiser, with the uncomfortable riding position of a sportbike.

    Plus my boys were sitting right on the tank and that muther vibrates like there's no tomorrow.. NOT a nice feeling on a ride longer than 3 min... i mean 30 minutes.. *cough*

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    I dislike most nakeds, but that looks pretty friggin' hot.
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