How the night of my first crash unfolded!
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Thread: How the night of my first crash unfolded!

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    Unhappy How the night of my first crash unfolded!

    Tonight was an absolutely surreal night that just started out as a weekly Hot Chicks Ride.

    With the past few days events fresh on our mind and with them being a real eye opener for the limits that we have been riding at vs. the limits we should be riding at, us girls took it very easy tonight.

    Turns out radar was all over the S2S like a fat kid on a smartie, and we made the right choice to take'er easy as over a dozen riders ended up with huge tickets and a number of demeritts!

    Jess, Tyler and I decided to stay up in Squamish for a bit, until it got dark and I realized I only had my tinted visor as it's alwasy light when I ride back. So I ride visor up, at the posted speed limit all the way until we hit construction, where the construction woman offers me her safety goggles THANKS DAWN! I OWE YOU! Thank god for that becuase the rest of the ride down the S2S was in the pouring rain, no visor, only safety goggles:

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    After being pelted with rain in the dark, riding at the posted speed limit I come to the intersection at Boundary & the light before Marine Drive, and not thinking I manage to tap my rear brake, my mind clouded with the past days events and the pain my face was feeling at the moment and down pinky goes

    I tried to stand up when I thought I was done sliding, turns out I wasn't done sliding and I ended up sprinting towards my bike that was sliding like it was on an ice rink (probably floating on all the oils on the surface ) I directed traffic around me, and picked my bike up and off I went...this all happened in three minutes time.

    Frame slider broke off immediately, causing my fairing to crack where it stuck to while sliding-->

    Attachment 43507

    Leathers have nothing to show from the crash as I was probably sliding on all the oils that had risen to the surface but the bike needs a new fairing and som TLC (aka pink decaling here we come....again )

    Attachment 43506

    While it is only common sense that the roads would be deadly tonight, I was almost at a complete stop, and I realized what I was doing a second too late

    Ride safe...learn from your mistakes like I did
    Ride in peace Julia - your radiating kindness will live in all of us forever

    If you're gonna ride my least pull my ponytail!

    My Pics

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    You hit your rear brake and lost traction?

    Maybe the tires wouldve gripped better without all that pink crap stuck between them

    Good to hear your ok
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    You almost gave me a heart attack when you called and said, "Jess, I just crashed" My freakin' heart stopped and my stomache started to churn.

    Nikki, I'm soooo glad you're okay. The bike and its fairings can be replaced, but my Fireball aka Sparky cannot be! The whole night had a weird vibe and the ride home was totally surreal. What are the chances that Dawn would have 'spare' goggles for you? Thank goodness she did because that rain was coming down hard and fast!

    You're absolutely right about taking it down a notch. No need to speed anymore. My desire has completely dwindled. Let's save it for this weekend at the ART course, kay?

    btw...Tyler's glad to hear it was only minor fairing damage.

    Here's to a good night and to a safe season everyone
    For Julia, I thank you. Forever in my heart; always on my mind. Your smile & radiance live on.

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    I was up in Squamish too tuesday night. My group left a bit earlier. I believe you said bye to us. One of our riders was a girl. Tiny one. You might remember her. How long after us did you leave? Did you run into heavy traffic on the number 1? One of the guys in our group went down. Traffic came to a complete stop. He had a mild concussion and a few scrapes on his legs. He'll be fine though. I had a bad feeling the whole day about this ride. From now on, i'll stay home and play video games when i have bad feelings. Glad to hear you're okay Nikki.

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    Glad your okay and your bike came through with only minor damage. Reading all these posts the last couple of days has been very surreal as well.....just like your ride tonight. I am itching to get out but I feel I may had read "too much" and may focus too much on what "not to do" which will cause me to overthink and be distracted.

    Howeber I would like to sdd that this is a great site and people who share their experiences -good, bad and ugly have a hugh impact on others. These things remind us to play safe, play safe, play safe and be alert, go with your gut, and of course enjoy and have fun.

    So thank you for be so candid today.


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    Sorry for the spelling mistakes. I am on the graveyard shift......ugh!!!!

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    Nikki and Corrado's buddy. Glad to hear you guys are none the worse for wear.

    I left Squish early because I couldn't shake this 'claustrophobic' feeling... Got home just as the water started falling from the sky, and I immediately turned on news1130. When I heard of traffic stopped due to an accident on Upper Levels around Capilano around 23:00, my heart sank, knowing someone who was up there went down (I think this must have been Corrado's buddy).

    Ride on peeps, ride on...
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    This post is simply the opinion of the poster and is not to be construed as instructions or advice. Your mileage may vary.
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    rookie........ told you to get a scooter.

    a) you would have no chance in getting a expensive speeding ticket cause you are limited to 55kph
    b) you cant go out of the city to get speeding tickets on the F-in s2s
    c) you would have been home when it started to rain and not be caught out in the mountians with a tinted visor (people i talked about this already... GET YOURSELF A HYPEROPTICS visor that changes colour in the sun and clear in the night)
    d) if the scoot did fall down it would not have caused nearly as much damage as your bike did, and its easy to pick up.

    z) frame sliders DO NOT SAVE FARINGS!! they are called FRAME sliders for a reason dum dums! and they are for rooks anyhow.

    glad your ok.
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    she goes vroom vroom!!
    oh you just had to go and make your bike look like mine now didn't you?
    (jk, mine's worse) i'm so glad you're ok.
    Hey I have an extra giant band-aid for you if ya want! I'll see you tonight!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crass Tengu
    You hit your rear brake and lost traction?
    This surprises you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolDaddyGroove
    This surprises you?
    Tap your brakes in the rain....dont hit em!

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    OMG Nikki, glad to hear you're ok. We left just before you. It was so slick last night, you weren't the only one having troubles with the roads. As soon as I got home, I posted this my Time(No Rain) + Rain = REALLY slippy roads thread( And even though we were often doing 10-20 below the speed limit on the way back on the highway, I still think it was too fast considering the conditions.

    Again. Glad to hear you're ok.

    - CJ
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    Glad to hear your ok. The scenery in BC is beautiful. At the speed limit you can actually look at it.
    Too sexy for this forum.

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    That sucks, glad to hear you're ok.
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    glad to hear your ok! hopefully you get ur bike fixed up and get back out there soon!

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