Anyone often miss a wave or nod and feel like a dick??
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Thread: Anyone often miss a wave or nod and feel like a dick??

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    Anyone often miss a wave or nod and feel like a dick??

    obviously it's no big deal... but you still kinda feel like a dick afterwards

    missed a couple waves today because by the time i noticed someone was waving, it was too late to wave back...

    didn't do it intentionally.. but still kinda makes you feel like a prick after it happens - because it probably does effect the other riders mood when he goes out on a limb to be nice and wave and end up thinking the other rider was rude

    from now on... i'm going to start waving from 3km away when i see only 1 headlight....

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    Keep your eyes on the road ahead. Waving is superfluous.

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    yes waving is for dinks. i stopped waving at people after i saw no waves when i was on the scoot. now when i get a chance to ride no one is good enough to wave at... except cosworth.

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    Yup, happened to me last week when i was coming up Nordel and the glare from the sun was bugging me (yes i has shades on) and by the time i looked to my side a rider going the opposite direction had waved at me but i caught it too late. I think he was riding an older style Kawi. If you're on this board, sorry bud, i'll catch you next time.

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    safety first, waving second.
    Too sexy for this forum.

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    I love seeing riders struggle to wave back when on a turn or under braking. I would never sacrifice my own safety to wave and acknowledge another rider. As said above, safety comes first.
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    I head nod if I can't wave. And i agree, saftey first, waving second.

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    wave when i can but not always a possiblity...

    dont feel bad if i miss it..

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    None right now...
    It's happened to me. I used to be annoyed at people for not waving back, but after missing a few waves in my direction it doesn't bother me anymore. I wave at all bikes, even scooters, and about 90% of them wave back, even the cruisers.

    About half of the ones that don't wave back are cruisers, the other half scooters. But so far almost all sportbikes have waved back.
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    I try to wave back as much as possible... but if I had waved at every bike that went by on the Port Mann on Saturday, I would have spent more time waving then riding... not good.

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    I wave if possible, and rarely go home and cry in the corner like you if I miss acknowledging another rider.
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    sometimes u cant, like when your doing a wheelie. Other than that, there's no excuse. if I missed a wave I'd immediatley quit riding, and take up knitting.

    I love knitting, and just need an excuse to start

    wasn't there a pic of a harley dude in a corner too hot, waving for the camera, then stuffs it, and barely saves it and almost collides with another rider? maybe this is the same guy?
    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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    I'm just here for the intelligent conversation.
    I once was riding at dusk, saw a single headlight and waved at the rider... then I realized it was Gurp on his scoot and immediately brought my hand back in.

    I immediately took the next exit to re-coup myself for almost waving to a scooter. It was a sad day.

    Seriously though, what's with the rain and these stupid threads? lol

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    I wave at everyone; even people that aren't riding. And if they don't wave back I pull a U turn, follow them home, piss on their vegetable garden, turd on their doorstep, then wave at them through their bedroom window.

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    i wave at everyone. scooter or Harley. corner or straight. nothing says total control like being heeled over in a fast corner and being able to flip a nice HELLO wave!!
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