Red Bull Laguna Seca Premier Automobile Blue 2 Parking Pass

I have for sale a "Blue 2 Automobile Parking Pass" valid for all 3 days (July 21, 22, and 23rd) of the 2006 Laguna Seca Moto GP race. Blue 2 parking is the only automobile parking that allows you to enter via the main gate off highway 68 and there is NO general automobile parking this year. These passes are extremely rare and were not available at general sale. It is part of the Premier Package. They are hard to come by, but you can make this pass your hot ticket to inside access and convenience.

With this pass you will have the advantage over everyone who doesn't have a pass, because you'll be able to DRIVE right up to the track and park all 3 days. Bring your coolers, portable shade, your own food, any convenient amenities you'd like, in the comfort and convenience of your own vehicle on your own termss. Without the pass the other option is to get shuttled in and roast in the heat waiting at the bus stops like sardines!! Park at the track and don't miss hours of action stuck on the shuttle!!!

Yours for $150 US Dollars. Going on Ebay if no action here, FWIW these are going for more than I'm offering them here. So if you want it, act now. The ticket is waiting in California, so if you're heading down there ahead of the race weekend you could pick it up there OR pay the courier shipping costs to have it sent to your address in Canada. I will not take any responsibility in delays created by slow payment or the purchasers choice of shipping mode. The ticket will not be sent until full payment is received.

*NOTE* This is not an entrance ticket to view the race. It is a 3 premier parking pass. Purchaser must have their own entrance tickets.