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Thread: Pitfalls

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    This particular man was taking a shortcut through the graveyard one dark
    night. That was a mistake, because the gravediggers had just opened a new
    site, in preparations for a funeral early the next morning.

    The unfortunate man took a headlong plunge into the deep pit. It began to
    rain, and the sides became slippery, besides being deep. Try as he may (and
    he did again and again) he could not climb out. Finally he resigned himself
    to wait for the caretakers the next morning, and he settled into a corner.

    Just before dawn another man, who had been "out on the town" all night and
    who was definitely inebriated, stumbled into the same grave. He yelped and
    started trying his best to get back topside.

    After a few attempts, this deep voice from the corner said, "It's no use.
    You can't get out!"

    But he did...

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    toooootally don't get it....

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    Yeah.... not sure what that was about.....

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    I think the second guy thought a dead corpse talking to him and that's why he made it out.

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    "toooootally don't get it...."
    "Yeah.... not sure what that was about....."

    Sounds just like my wife. She never gets any jokes, since English is not her first language.
    Every day I break my previous record of consecutive days still alive.

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