buying from the US private sale
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Thread: buying from the US private sale

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    buying from the US private sale

    I'm planning to buy an exhaust from someone in the States and wanted to know if there are any ways i can ensure i don't get ripped off. And going to pick it up is not an option for me.

    Anyone have experience buying parts from people in classifieds over the internet in the states.

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    AFAIK, there's really not much you can do unless you can pay by credit card or pick it up and pay in person.

    Offer to pay 50% up front, then 50% on delivery. It spreads the risk.

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    I have bought LOTS of stuff from our southern neighbours, from slip-ons to plastics and handlebars. But these people were from motorcycle forums such as this, except model specific sites, so you get to know guys and usually blindly trust your fellow board members.

    For general classified stuff, you really cannot do much. Aside from post dating your cheque, which the seller would just wait until it clears before shipping. Good luck, I think you will be OK, the majority of people out there are good.

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    I think if you register with Pay-Pal (if you've ever used it for any other online purchases, you're already registered) then I think you can use it to both send and recieve money. So he'd have to be on Pay-Pal too. Then you could work something out like on E-bay where he doesn't recieve payment until you've recieved your product. (???) Does that sound right? I've never done it before, but that's what someone was telling me one time.
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