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    NEW Kawasaki ZZ-R250

    Ok Guys – As a newbie, I really need your help here!! I KNOW the rules about a newbie buying a “new” bike and I KNOW I will dump it and it’s stupid.

    I’m heeding all the advice about starting small and talked myself out of a 600 and into a 250.

    I found a deal on a NEW 2005 Kawasaki ZZ-R250 (which is actually pretty good-looking for a 250) on sale for $5699 from $6299, probably inventory clear-out.

    Looking through the “used” ads it seems like for a few hundred dollars more I can get new and not have to worry about any problems that could come with used. This way I can keep it for awhile and even have it as a 2nd bike for my husband and I to share when we’re ready for a 600. (I probably also won’t be pressuring myself so much to move to a 600 before I’m ready, like I might with an older bike that starts to have problems, etc.)

    Any thoughts? Am I being stupid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TTPrider
    I found a deal on a NEW 2005 Kawasaki ZZ-R250 (which is actually pretty good-looking for a 250) on sale for $5699 from $6299, probably inventory clear-out.
    Definately not stupid. Glad to see you posting here.

    I paid, for a 2006 model, with taxes, freight and PDI "all-in" $6700 here in Kelowna (at Valley Motosports) and they included a Helmet. I noticed, after visting them and having my first service done by them, that Burnaby Kawasaki might have given me a better deal.

    The price of my ZZR250, without "all-in," would have been about $5,700 - which would make your's a bit on the high side for a 2005 model. I didn't negotiate much too... Try offering a "cash deal" of $6,000 - all-in (taxes, freight and pdi) and see where that gets you.

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    It's big and heavy.. must be a sport tourer
    all sportbikes will depreciate it's gonna happen...
    so as long as you accept that.... who cares if it's new or not...
    although inventory clearance is even better :P

    i mean.. it's not an expensive bike... so go for it...
    Are you a Dr Jeckyl? or Mr Hyde?

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    yea get out there jump on it have some fun enjoy it!

    And if your ever lookin for someone to cruise with im just across the bridge!

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    Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the feedback!!

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