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    Unhappy #1 Westbound before 264th today

    Hey guys...

    I was on my way in to North Van today and got stuck on the highway. It was closed due to a terrible accident. I heard that it involved a bike so I parked at the rest area and walked up to get a closer look. The highway was closed for over an hour while the AirAmbulance landed and took the rider away.
    I tried to get as much of a look as I could but the bike was hard to see down in the bushes on the right shoulder. There was a white mid-size car (a honda sedan I think) that's trunk and rear right corner was smushed up into the car.
    It didn't look good at all.

    I heard that the rider was apparently ripping in and out of traffic at excessive speeds and then the next thing you know the highway is shut down and there's emergency personelle rushing in from every direction. It was a sportbike with lots of black and a japanese sticker on what appeared to be undertail exhaust. I kept thinking how someone was going to be getting a call that their loved one was either dead or in critical condition - How sad.

    I've felt sick to my stomach all day - PLEASE RIDE RESPONSIBLY!!!! How many friends lost or injured is it going to take for people to realise that we are not invincible with or without gear and to take it easy?

    Sending comforting thoughts to the rider I was watching get air-lifted out today and to all of you who have been touched by the loss of a friend or loved one,



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    hope the rider's ok..

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    R6 Chris
    That's what the green markers were there for.. Heading east I was wondering why I only saw a white sedan that looked untouched with tons of police cars and green markers everywhere. Wow. Just wow.

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    Aw damn, not another one. Ride safe everyone...don't be another statistic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stewy
    Aw damn, not another one. Ride safe everyone...don't be another statistic.
    Someone on another local car-board saw this accident first hand... some more details can be found in there (it's pretty critical of the rider though so I won't link to it in this thread; PM me if you absolutely must read it, but be warned that they're not very nice over there)

    "Right by 264th West bound I was about a block away. Traffice was crawling because of an accident at 232nd supposedly an over turned dump truck. So this lady in a civic in the slow lane pulled over to the shoulder to see if she could see anything a motorcycle flying up the inside easily doing 100km ran into the back of her car pushing the trunk into the backseat. He flew one way landing in the center median and his bike landed up on the right hand shoulder over the ditch. Needless to say traffic wasn't going anywhere. We were stopped for almost an hour while a helecopter landed on the freeway and they took him away. The lady was in a really bad state of shock I felt so badly for her"
    "^exactly. Say this is her rear end of her car ( . ) the period being the center key hole of her trunk the bike hit ( .i ) where the i is. It was a straight on impact by the looks, a nice bike shaped dent almost into her front seat."
    "It was just before 2:30."
    Good luck rider...
    Stuck in Africa. Follow here or here.

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