Need advice on Carb work
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Thread: Need advice on Carb work

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    Need advice on Carb work

    Heyall my first bike 1998 Yamaha FZR 600, has just gone into the mech becuase the previous owner had it sitting for about a year and HE never cleaned out the carbs since the first owner before him ... he only put about 200 miles on it but the carbs are so bad that while in neutral the RPM's slowly die out andit cuts off on me... so anyways i was wondering what the typical private mechanics charge should be for Cleaning out the Carbs and alighning them .. cause hes trying to charge me $250 bucks and i think thats a bit much .. am i right ? btw i have to pivk up the bike tomoro .. wensday so any quick responses would be greatly appreciated.

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    i donno im thinkin its about 2 to 3 hours of work, at 80 bux an hour plus shop materials, chemicals, machines, etc etc.. seems decent.

    seeing a recipt for 538.08 for a replacement alternator and minor charging system and light check blows my mind!

    (no i didnt pay that) (that was on a 90 VW golf)

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    Quote Originally Posted by npausch
    i donno im thinkin its about 2 to 3 hours of work, at 80 bux an hour plus shop materials, chemicals, machines, etc etc.. seems decent.
    Yep, sounds about right to me too. It's a fair amount of work. You gotta take off the tank and airbox and unmount the carb bank. Then you take apart the carbs leaving only the main bodies joined. From there you soak the loose bits and jets in cleaner for a while and spray out the passages and tiny little holes of the main bodies. Check the rubber bits and replace any O rings and then reverse the whole shebang.

    Takes me most of an afternoon of puttering. A pro does it somewhere between 2 and 3 hours plus soaking time where they work on something else.
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    if a private mechanic is charging you on a private job a SHOP rate, might as well go to the shop and have it done with receipt, warranty on work done and all that.

    What's the point going through a private guy if you don't save any cash on it?
    carb cleaning ain't no black magic neither...

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    Can you do the work? Can most people who frequent this site? No, of course not. A little comparison shopping is fine but, do it before you take the bike to someone. Once you give over the bike for work, man up and pay what you agreed to and don't try to renegotiate when the job is performed.

    Bikes are expensive toys with expensive parts, in labour intensive packages. I wouldn't rebuild a set of carbs on a sportbike for less than $250. It simply would not be worth my time. Knowledge and experience cost money. Don't have money? You'll have to find the knowledge and experience and do it yourself; that's how I learned.


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