Ok heres the deal, my girlfriend bought this truck like 3 months ago we live in surrey and she works in vancouver. so basicly with these gas prices it was a mistake to buy it. so here are the details:

Its a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo it was imported from one of her uncles the car was originally from flordia then to Washington then here to Vancouver, we stll have all the paper work with federal and provincial inspections, and a carfax report, everything is good.

more specific details, its black, with 85xxx miles 2wd with power drive and winter drive options, mint condition, cloth interior, air condition, tilt steering etc. with two new rear tires. paid $10500can send me any reasonable offers and well see what'll happen, if anyone wants to trade for some sort of a sporty car with at least 4 seats let me know too. ill post pics soon