We've been struggling with this decision for just over a year now, but we're not giving them the attention they should get and we want them to go to a really good home. They are both 4 years old this summer, and have been together since they were 9 weeks and 13 weeks old (their not from the same litter).

Their names are Bayliss and Moto.. Bayliss is the larger lighter coloured fellow, the picture below shows them together when they were younger.. Bayliss still looks the same (but weighs close to 18lbs), though Moto's maine grew out a lot and looks like the next picture.

They're both in great health and have been indoor cats (for the most part - not outside too much at all) and have all their original shots and such. We haven't had to get the annual shot as they are indoor cats primarily. Both are neutered, both are male and they get along famously.

They are RIDICULOUSLY friendly cats. You can literally take Moto and slide him along the floor and he will come running back to you for more. He purs quite strongly (thus his name). Both are very loving and if you want a lap-cat these guys will fit the bill.

I really can't put them in the 'buy and sell' area, because they arn't really for sale. We just want them to goto a good home, and I'd rather them go sooner than later when my daughter can actually figure out somethings missing.

Contact me via PM if interested.