Well what is it with me and Merkurs? Inexpensive luxury that is fun to toss around. This car was 40K new.

1989 Scoprio. Ford of Europe. Think Luxury Taurus that doesn't break down like a Taurus.

V6 engine same as the Bronco and others but with extra refinements. Leather is in great shape. A/C blows VERy cold. All electrical and cooling is top notch. Maintained properly. Includes fuel computer, mp3 player/CD player with remote. Power EVERYTHING - full load. Tilt, cruise the whole 9 yards. Even the BACK SEATS are power. Auto. Gold. 173K. Recent tranny service too. Car is perfect. It has ABS too!


Euro light kit with city lights.
Aftermarket wheels
Stock lights incase you need them
After market bulbs (blue high viz lights)
Heavy duty front A/C fan to boost cooling.
Genuine Ford repair manual and electrical diagrams. Impossible to get.

Please give this luxury cruiser a good home.