hope- tailings pond next trip
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Thread: hope- tailings pond next trip

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    Slim Shadetree

    hope- tailings pond next trip

    when are some people going there for me to ride with ? i am a beginner and want to enjoy the trails and take it easy. after veddar last week i need a rest.

    so when is the next trip ?

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    planning another go in the next few weeks.its great up there,but drive to the top(bit rough)were they camp and hope the gates open,its a great area up there the kids ride all day and i go off with friends hear and there in the billions of groomed trails.

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    Any quads over there? Always looking for kid friendly places.

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    I'll be up next Saturday with the wife. Taking on mostly the easy trails..... Red GMC, KX250 and a PW80.
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    Slim Shadetree
    ok well lets try and set something up. for me it has to be a week day though so if anyone can make it during the week lemme know. i have a trailer also. how rough is the road there ?

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