Question for the fellow r6'ers
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Thread: Question for the fellow r6'ers

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    Question for the fellow r6'ers

    Allright a couple of questions, first of all im just curious what kind of oil you guys are running on, anyone using motul 1500 semi synthetic?

    Other question is do you guys ever run low on oil, or does that only happen when your way past your oil change due date.

    Last question was after a late night of riding and you park your bike in the garage, does it make your entire garage smell like gas the next morning?

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    I don't have an r6, but you might want to take my advice and give your bike a look
    ..I've been running that motul in my street bike for about 5 years now. it's oil, no complaints cost aside.
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    i used motul 10w50 on my 01 r6.

    and as for your for your last question, in the morning, my garage smelled like nothing.

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