Help.. Looking for some help with RZ350 tuning
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Thread: Help.. Looking for some help with RZ350 tuning

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    Help.. Looking for some help with RZ350 tuning

    Hey RZ350 guys,

    Need some help in tuning my RZ350 and was wondering if any of the local RZ350 experts here can help a fellow RZ owner out. I think i need some cleaning/jetting work on the carbs.

    Please send me a PM if you guys can offer any assistance.


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    Try checking this site out -

    These guys seem to know what they're talking about.

    If you can't find someone locally, PM me & I'll get you a name of someone who can probably help you (but it will likely cost you $$).

    Victor, are you running the RZ out on the street or are you going to race it??
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    Umm ...tuning for What??
    If you want a bit more power there are several simple' upgrades': expansion Chambers, then a general port cleanup /matching excercise.
    Rejetting IS then required tho.
    That will give at least a half dozen useable ponies.. on a healthy top end.
    TDR reeds are usefull additions as well.
    Carbs,: OEMs are Fine up to a lot more performance than you will be likely wanting. Fancy filters are dubious, Pod types actually reduce HP... avoid 'em
    For genuine pef increases a port reconfigure is required.. but it's non reversible and invariably moves the power band even higher up.
    Note that creative port hogging can be disasterous in the hands of an amateur and some aleged pros :-)
    Save that area untill you understand ..Exactly ..what iis involved.

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