Staple In Rear Tire
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Thread: Staple In Rear Tire

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    Staple In Rear Tire

    So I get home tonight and noticed a staple in my rear tire. I dont hear any air coming out, and its definatly not flat. Can I try and pull it out? Can I get it fixed? Or am I screwed and do I need a new tire? Doesn't look very big...what do you guys think? Can I still ride it?

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    if you pull it out and it deflates, have it patched.

    patch/new tire debate to now ensue. again.

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    We talking a paper staple or some sort of heavy duty electrical staple?

    Either way you NEED to pull it out. If it's not leaking now but you leave it in and ride on it you'll just work it in deeper and then it'll leak for SURE.
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    A friend just had the same thing happen. Big ass staple that did cause a leak. $40 bucks patched by 5th Gear. That was re and re as well.
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    why dont we got out and i can watch you burn the tire off. Then we go and u get a new tire.

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    Soapy water applied over the puncture area with your finger may reveal very slight bubbling which is a leak. This would at least tell you for sure that the staple is in through to the air chamber. No bubbles could mean that the staple is just in the rubber and hasn't penetrated the air chamber and you're good to go OR that the staple has effectively sealed the leak but it will begin letting air out once you remove it - a repair/replacement is still necessary.

    I once had tiny a shard of metal in my tire and when I applied the soapy water it bubbled sooooo slowly that the bike shop was convinced there was no leak. Upon further waiting, sure enough tiny bubbles appeared one at a time, seconds apart. It was leaking.

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