new type of riding jacket
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Thread: new type of riding jacket

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    new type of riding jacket

    i was watching fifth gear and in europe they are releasing an airbag type motorcycle jacket...
    basicly its just just the normal leather jacket... but it has the CO2 bottle and a clip that you clip onto your bike... once you fall off the bike the clip will unplug with bottle and will fill your jacket in certain places with air... just like an airbag and cushion your impact... they also showed some stunt riders falling with it.. but in low speeds and of course they were fine... but no real test for high speed crashes... also these jacket can be reused... just have to buy another bottle and hook it back up... cost about 250euro i think

    so yeah don't know if this is a repost... but what you guys think would this be good... and would you wear it instead of your nice racing jacket...

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