any one have yugioh cards!
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Thread: any one have yugioh cards!

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    any one have yugioh cards!

    well my son is a magic six years old and of course needs the latest crazed cards.anyone know of a cheaper place to buy these,other than 4-6 bucks a pack?they dont need to be sealed or new.just good me if ya have a clue. thx john

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    mr bomax sir, you might as well just buy him a "starter deck" for 20$ or less so that he would have enough cards to play a game with someone else. Booster packs suck to build a deck with, they're just used to improve your existing deck...

    i bought my deck at Richmond Night Market, so i can play with my cousin sometimes. But i would go check out any card hobby store or something if you were to buy those cards. They usually have the better deals where as commercial places like 7-11 just wanna price gouge you.....

    hope this helps...

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