a v six honda?gp bike
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    a v six honda?gp bike

    Honda To Build A V-Six?
    By Michael Scott

    Honda’s all-conquering V-five may be replaced – possibly as soon as next season, and possibly by a V-six.

    This was said by no less a personage than Suguru Kanazawa, president of HRC, in response to questions at an exclusive press briefing at Motegi.

    Asked about rumors that Honda were developing a V-six, he would at first neither confirm nor deny the possibility.

    “It goes back to the original reasons that we decided to go four-stroke in GP racing – firstly for the spectators, and secondly to gain technical knowledge. We have to think about many types of engine. Also for production, we think of many ideas.”

    Warming to the theme, he continued: “I will not say we will stick to the V-five forever, though I cannot say when we will replace it. But we are considering it, and we have a V-six design on paper.

    “We could replace the V-five with a single, or with a V-six.

    “I am an engineer, so I have a passion to make new engines as soon as possible. There is a possibility to have a V-six even next season, if the engineer’s passion prevails,” he concluded.

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    I can't see them doing that unless the rules were a little more favourable for 6-cyl weight regs.

    Then again, Honda's policy has always been, "smack 'em with the biggest stick".

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    Re: a v six honda?gp bike

    Originally posted by bomax
    “We could replace the V-five with a single, or with a V-six.

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    Kewl...1000cc single!!!
    Honda has a thing about "Big Bang" GP racers

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    I think that I have seen pictures of a test bike, or mabey it was just a mock-up. I remember reading something about a 250hp honda project to create a uber replacement of the blackbird.
    Honda was working on a v6 ST called the X-wing. But if you want to talk BIG, rumors of V8 goldwings ...


    here is a quick link.

    and another one to scare the insurance companies

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