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    Co-operative Auto Network

    Anyone here belong to Vancouver's Co-operative Auto Network (CAN)?

    As I'm starting family life (now living with gf, her 6 year old, and a baby on the way) I'm thinking we may need four wheels to get around on occasion, not just my two.

    So far we haven't needed a car for anything really; maybe we'd be better off renting something from Tilden every once in a while.

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    Err, my physics teacher does.

    I'd investigate very thoroughly what the plan is for repairs though, as I don't doubt that you'd get stuck with a lot of damage bills if you had a dishonest previous owner. Also, I think you need to book ahead of time. Which really negates the practicality of it, unless you were say, planning on booking a truck for a track day a month from now or something equivalent.

    Not to mention, you'd have more fun in your own car.

    The abbreviation for Co-operative Auto Network is one letter off of CON

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