Thought I'd throw this out there to see if anybody can help me. I'm flying into Vancouver at the end of August to surprise my dad with a belated b-day present.

In his youth he rode a 57 Norton back in the day. He's long since hung up the helmet and with a mild stroke a couple years ago, I don't want to have him on anything by himself. But I want to hook him up with a short sidecar ride so that we can both share the experience (I'll be renting a Viffer or something from Cyclebc).

Looking for a place in the GVRD that might rent a sidecar, or someone who'd be interested in helping me in this little indulgence and make an old guy happy. Even if someone experienced wanted to stick him pillion on a Geezerglide or Goldwing, we could work something out for your efforts.

Reply or PM me, thanks