Generator cover damage
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Thread: Generator cover damage

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    Generator cover damage

    Well, from the kickover, I already noticed the footpeg bracket was broken. Getting it welded, as I said in another post. However, now I noticed a pool of oil under the bike. I looked, and the generator cover is nicked. I ordered a new one, but in the mean time, will JB weld or a similar product plug the hole in the generator cover? I will give it a try, anyway. Can't get it welded, as it is magnesium.

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    I'd said take it off and clean it good with some brake cleaner, then you can use jb weld or RVT silicon to cover the hole up it it's a small one for a temporary basis, but you risk dirt getting it if it comes off.

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    jb weld for sure i fixed nagnesium cases with it before ! works good
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