who let the NEWB out??
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Thread: who let the NEWB out??

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    who let the NEWB out??

    Hi ladies
    I just back to Vancouver from Salt Spring island.
    It was gorgeous island and I really enjoy to stay there.
    When I arrived at SSI and hit the road, I was shouting "who let the newb out?????"

    There were many “narrow, tight., twisted road and blind corner” in the island. Also some of road were bad condition.
    It was great riding experience including riding at the gravel and u-turn at the narrow road.

    I enjoyed to ride all day, see the nice park, smelled Lavender, eat great seafood and organic food.
    I also enjoyed watching sunset at the beach.

    If you want to ride narrow, tight, twisted road and blind corner” then I will recommend to go there.

    Have a wonderful ride.
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