Thinking about suzuki S40 for a first bike ...
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Thread: Thinking about suzuki S40 for a first bike ...

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    Thinking about suzuki S40 for a first bike ...

    Thinking about suzuki S40 for a first bike - any comments/thoughts if this is a good idea ?

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    That's the old 650 Savage with a new name. It won't overpower you any time soon and I'm not sure what they handle like. I've heard they are nice around town but lack the power to be decent on the highway what with being almost tapped out at 100 to 110 with not much left for any passing. If that's fine with you then get one and enjoy it. But I think you'll find that the resale market for them is almost nill. Far better to find a few year old used Savage for cheap and buy that, use it, learn, then sell for similarly cheap to the next new rider.

    Cruiser engines are rather detuned so that they can generate some extra torque. I think you'll find that a Ninja 250 can win a drag race against the S40. But if you want one for a first bike it would be fine and likely teach you a lot without any sudden surprises.

    If you plan on doing any touring out in the country I'd suggest a slightly larger cruiser like one of the S50 variants. It SOUNDS like a lot of engine but being a cruiser it's really not that bad if you've had the riding course. And you won't be limited to where and how you can ride. It's mild enough to train you but you won't ever need to move on to another bike unless you want to or change your mind about cruisers.
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    I think its a great choice. As drag racing should be farthest from your mind at this point I feel you will gain confidence on this bike and have a great handle on motorcycle dynamics in a season or two. When and if you decide to go to a more sport oriented or more powerful bike, those dynamics will be the foundation you will appreciate having in order to ride any motorcycle.

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