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    1990 honda xr80 and 1980 honda cb750 project

    1980 honda cb750

    any problems with these bikes? im picking one up in a couple hours that I am going to rebuild over winter any suggestions what I should do to it?

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    Cam chains CAN be a problem. A common thing for some Hondas of that era.

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    Good bikes, check the charging system, carbs will likely be clogged if it's been sitting a while. I think I have a manual around for it if you need a scan of it.

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    4 carbs are a bit of a hassle to work on. after I finished rebuilding mine and put them together back on the rail, they were a split of a hair off, but enough for the butterfly valves not to close in synch, so I had a touch of an iddle problem. it was a challange to get them right.

    these bikes are old, heavy, but hey! it's a Honda, so the good news is that it WANTS to run...you'll just have to help it a bit.

    re: charging system
    I have never had any problems with reg/rec or stators or anything like that on any of my Hondas...untill last Wednesday
    My '82 CB650's rotor went, and $400 later it's back up and running.

    From what I've read, part of the problem with these are corroding connectors that cause extra resistance, causing the charging system to work harder than it should, sooo...check your connections.

    re: cam chains-from what I understand, bikes pre-'79 had more problems with these. 79 and up had updated design for tensioner and should be more reliable.
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    Please restore it to factory specs. That's a nice bike. I'm old enough to remember when they were new.

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