Track Daze?
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Thread: Track Daze?

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    Track Daze?

    Just wondering if anyone attended the track daze in July. I'm looking at attending the August track day and so I'm looking for some feedback on how it went in July.


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    I realize that this is the womens forum but I'm posting anyway.....It's fantastic, always well run and very professional... come out and play you'll love it.... The day starts with cones placed around the track to show the the correct lines through the corners and some basic instruction later in the day the cones are removed and you can pick up the speeds and have some fun, by the end on the day you will be exhausted and your bike will no longer have the dreaded chicken strips....
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    Like Jayson said - these are a lot of fun. The best part is that you get to push the envelope a bit, in a safe environment. Find out what your bike does, what you can do & have some fun doing it.

    I highly recommend it to anyone.
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    Excellent! Thanks for your input. I'm excited at the thought of leaving the chicken strips behind...finally.

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