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    Accident at OshKosh

    Not too sure how many of you are the pilot types here but, I got wind of a Taxi accident at Airventure 06 at Oshkosh involving a Canadian registered Van's RV homebuilt and a TBM avenger warbird. Seems that the Avenger was taxing and didn't see the RV, the prop shreaded the RV killing the passanger.

    I have some freinds that fly RV's but both are ok as they were not at Airventure this year. However I was wondering if some of you have heard anything about this accident and maybe where the plane was from?

    I remember as a kid my father setting some very strick rules about walking around the airplane while the prop was spinning ie: "stay the F*&k way from the plane while the prop is spinning" or, "under no circumstances are you to exit the aircraft while the prop is turning" Seemed like good rules in light of what just happend at Oshkosh.

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    That's brutal, I know nothing about airplanes which made it kind of funny for me to read about flying RV's

    Spaceballs anyone?

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    None right now...
    The pilot was the chapter president of one of Ontario chapters of the RAA, and the passenger that was killed was a president of the EAA chapter in Carp, Ontario. It's not 100% clear, but judging from the aircraft registration database it looks like the pilot only bought the airplane a month ago (but it had been flying since 1993).

    Here's an eyewitness report of the incident, from the RV mailing list. Note that he thought both people in the RV died, but he didn't stick around long enough to see them help the pilot out... He wanted to get his 5 year old son (who was standing next to him) away from the scene...

    I'm reluctant to post this but feel like I need to share it in hopes it
    never happens again. I was at OSH this morning (Sunday) and due to the
    rain showers my 5-year old son Skyler and I decided to hang out at the
    flightline for a while until the wx improved for our flight home. There
    was a whole line of aircraft coming down the taxiway right in front of us
    to depart OSH. I noticed a white RV-6 with blue striped trim waiting in
    line a couple hundred feet from us, coming towards us, and right behind
    him was a huge TBM Avenger. The thought passed through my mind that
    somebody out working the flightline should be standing off to the side of
    the TBM to give him signals for taxiing, since it was virtually
    impossible for him to see the RV over his nose even with S-turns. My
    thoughts were interrupted by the roar of jet engines as a couple L-39's
    took off in formation followed by a couple Pitts Model 12's and other
    interesting aircraft.

    I looked back down the taxiway just in time to see the RV-6, now less
    than a hundred feet from us, coming to a stop with the TBM still right
    behind it. We watched in shock as the TBM continued right into the tail
    of the RV. At that moment I was only thinking about how bad it would be
    to have your tail chewed up by somebody's propeller, but that thought
    turned to horror as the TBM continued to move, wacking through the
    fuselage and sending strips of metal flying. When it got to the baggage
    compartment, clothing and other gear was being strewn into the air and
    across the grass. I should have closed my eyes before it got to the
    cockpit. I'll spare you the details but suffice it to say it was
    horrific. The prop on the TBM finally stopped somewhere in the vicinity
    of the rollbar / panel but of course by that time it was too late....the
    fire truck and other rescue personnel were there in moments by I knew
    there was nothing they could do but pull out the white sheet and drape it
    over the mess.

    I don't know who the unfortunate RV pilot was (and by the way, I'm not
    sure he was solo, but I think he was). Regardless, I've been feeling
    physically ill all day and the scene just keeps replaying in my mind. It
    seems like such a preventable accident....I know the poor guy in the
    Avenger will get the blame (and I sure feel sorry for him too!) but it
    was really a failure of the system when a spotter along side the TBM
    would have prevented this tragic loss of life. Even though there's
    probably nothing I could have done, I still feel sick about it, because I
    noticed the situation and regret that I didn't at least try to point it
    out to one of the busy flightline volunteers...

    I hope the folks at EAA make it standard policy from now on to have
    spotters available to help out any taildragger pilot who needs a second
    set of eyes for taxiing. And it's a good reminder to be extra vigilant
    not only at Oshkosh but at any airport to pay attention to who's behind
    you. We're used to looking right/left/forward when moving about the
    airport but if you're like me you don't worry too much about what's
    behind you. Well, when we left OSH this afternoon in the -8A, there was
    a T-6 behind us and I can guarantee you we were nervously checking our
    six about every 10 seconds to make sure he wasn't getting too close.

    My heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathies go out to the family of
    the unfortunate RV-6 pilot we lost today.
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    Very Sad news indeed! My late Friend (auger), his father is a member of COPA and EAA as well has having built and is flying a RV6, I called him on sunday afternoon after reading about this accident (hoping it wasn't him) and he hadn't heard of this yet. Ken spends most of his time up at the airport helping other RV builders finish their aircraft. However I'm sure ken probably new the passanger as he has been a local chapter president of the Vans RV and maybe even EAA.
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