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    Bike theft

    Please if anyone can help this guy out this was his pride and joy.
    Re: Some asshole stole my bike at MotoGP.


    Here is the VIN JS1GR75A2H2100562. The engine number was never recorded by me. The bike had just under 14k on it. The engine had never been removed. Not even the clutch cover had been removed. If this engine surfaces, it will be one of the cleanest 87 750 motors ever offered up.

    As for bodywork, which is probably the first thing that will surface off of this bike, the only panels that had damage to them were the left side tail cover, and the tail light bezel. The left side tail had a crack in it that I did a quick functional repair on to cover me until I finished painting the new parts I have (guess I'll never get to that), the crack is a vertical one from the bottom to the top about an inch from the rear of the panel. It has a flat piece of ABS glued to the back of the crack for support. The tail light bezel had some small scratches on the left side that I covered up with some white acrylic model paint. The left side tail panel has this same paint on it to cover the repair. All other body panels were like new and in the case of the 2 mids and lowers - were new. The upper still had some tape residue on it on the inside left by the headlight. The "Suzuki" on the front had a small scratch on the right side of the first "u" but was perfect otherwise. The two rear tail panels both have yellow reflectors on them instead of red and they also use the backing from the front reflectors (I never got around to this). The mids do not have reflectors or holes for them. They came that way so you would not see any repair marks in this area. They were new.

    The most recognizable part on this bike was the shock. If you see an Ohlins for an 87 I want to know about it. The front forks also had a scratch on them that I would recognize in a heartbeat and had Ohlins internals.

    The wheels were glass bead blasted and painted with Rust Oleum so if you find a set of wheels (17x3.5 and 17x4.5) that have no paint except for satin black Rust Oleum this could be an indicator to dig deeper. The wheels had Dunlop Sportmax radials on them 120 on the front, 160 on the back. The back was about ready for replacement.

    My old drilled rotors had warped so last weekend I replaced them with a space set of slotted rotors. The right side carrier had some damage on the outside by the holes. It looked like somebody had touched the center of the carrier with something sharp while it was spinning and scored it all the way around.

    I'll post more about this as my stomach starts to feel better. I think I may still build another one as I have parts left over and wanted to make that one stock again. So, since I have most of a spare engine, and a lead on a clean frame with title that I may be able to pick up for a reasonable price, and a lot of spare bodywork in stock colors, I will likely end up building another 87 750 - and I still have the track bike which is not finished yet but coming along nicely. This really has sucked the wind out of my sails though so I may take some time off.

    Depending on the insurance settlement I may buy a new bike for a daily rider that I won't feel so bad about if some dickhead steals it. Maybe an SRAD or if not a 02 or newer 750-1000, in the faster blue of course. No, I am not converting to the dark side and will still hang in the oiler forum but I just can't take having another bike with so much of my work into it go to some underserving asshole that doesn't respect other peoples property.

    If I ever meet a bike thief, I'll make him pay for this. Even if it isn't the one that stole my pride and joy. I have skills...

    Custom Ohlins shock. USD front end w/ Ohlins internals. 17 inch wheel conversion. Custom upper triple modified by me but looks stock - painted black. 95 front calipers painted gold to match stock. ALL NEW FUCKING BODYWORK.

    I'm with the government - I'm here to help.

    Sorry for the long posting but possibly the parts will find it's way North up to canada??
    i found this on

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    Geez ...that sucks, from a bike event too. Chances of the parts making their way here is rare, but never know.
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