Questions about a Tire Plug
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Thread: Questions about a Tire Plug

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    Questions about a Tire Plug

    I recently found a nail in my rear tire and i brought it in to a shop to get the tire plugged. are there any concerns i should know about?.... like how long can i ride for, does the tire life decrease, can i still ride it at the track, etc.

    please let me know
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    Generally, a Z rated tire is no longer Z rated. So you cannot go pushing the limits or anything. But having said that, unless you do trackdays you should be able to ride normally without worrying.

    I had a plug in the rear tire of my 929 for 10,000km. I rode it like normal; I still took into the mid 200's (indicated) and I still threw it into corners with reckless abandon. But if you are already a really good rider, you may want to take it a little easier, I could get away with it because even pushing myself I would not come close to the tires capabilities.

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    How many kms on this tyre? If you are more than 2/3 of the way through it's life, I would just go ahead and replace it...give yourself some peace of mind. No, you can't go to the track with this wouldn't pass tech anywhere with that tyre, unless you didn't tell them, and they didn't check....but then you're an ass for putting your life (and the lives of others) in danger. What kind of a plug is it? If it's an external plug, then I'd say no way...get rid of it. If it's a mushroom style plug done from the INSIDE of the tyre, then you might be okay. Also, where was the puncture? If it's down the middle it's probably safer than being close to the edge.

    That being said....I've plugged tyres in the past, but I don't think I'd do it again. But I can see the appeal of it when you're piss-poor (as I was) and if you're only gonna be using your bike for commuting and stuff. But I wouldn't attack the twisties very hard with a plugged's just about having that peace of mind.
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    You'll get answers from both ends of the spectrum on this question. Allmost like "which oil should I use?"

    I don't know the right answer. I've run tires with plugs in them before with no problem. But was I just lucky? Don't know.

    I do know that I won't throw away an almost new $300 tire when I can fix it. One theory I tend to agree with though, is to remove the plug, if it's the external one and get an inside patch put on it. The plug can work itself loose plus the patch lets the tire contract to its original form.

    There's also a theory thats floated around that the tire manufacturers are the ones who started the "don't repair tires, buy a new one" "conspiracy" to cover their ass in case of a law suit and to promote more tire sales.

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    i had pacific yamaha plug a tire for me in 2000. they used the inside plug(mushroom) so it cant pull out. i then took my bike to bonneville and ran multiple three mile runs at over 200 mph. the plug didnt move. i also tried a gp style rain tire. it tore the center tread blocks off at 199. bottom line do an inside plug and get out there.

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    These are all very good suggestions let me add one. I've had the inside mushroom one (worked great). I had another another one and used an inside patch and a regular plug together ( worked good as well.) as mentioned as above discard the tire earlier than what you would normally.
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