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    All set and ready to ride

    Hey everyone,

    i've been reading every thread possible over the past 2 months or so, trying to decide were to buy a bike, what kind of bike to get, what school to go to, and any tips, trick or advice on riding. now finally i started my course at action yesterday, so far so good, and i'm all set to get my bike by the end of this week, including all my gear aswell. i ended up deciding on the 2006 CBR600RR (go ahead and flame me if you would like to, everyone here seems to love to get in on alittle good old fashion flaming), and i made sure i didn't skimp on gear either. i got myself a Shoei X-11 helmet, Alpinestar SMX Boots, Shift Perf. Leather jacket, and Joe Rocket Leather gloves with hard knuckles, all thanks to the advice from everyone on this site. i am also shopping for a 1 piece and riding pants right now.

    hopefully i get a chance to get out to some of the newb rides really soon, and does any one have any last bits of advice on anything to do with riding....

    Thanks for all the help so far.

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    Just continue reading the posts and learn all you can. Link up with some local riders (small group) and use them as teachers. Ride within your abilities though, but be sure to challenge them. Glad to see you got the proper gear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stewy
    Just continue reading the posts
    I've dedicated a huge amount of time to reading stuff about bike mechanics, common riding mistakes and other things and it's helped immensely.

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    Sounds like you got it all done right so far. Just treat that bike with RE-spect and only pull the trigger out where you got lots of room. There's a LOT of bike hiding under that flashy skin.

    Everyone feels that an older bike is better for a newbie but really they are just watching out for your pocketbook. But if the idea of a replacement fairing doesn't make you shudder with dread at the cost then there's really nothing wrong with a new first time bike. And by the sounds of your gear you don't mind spending on the toys. And a well chosen set of toys they are too. First class stuff without falling for the bling from what I can see.

    So I comend you and wish you the best of luck and many a happy hour in the saddle.
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    Good to see you chose a slower bike to start out with.
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