Where to buy chaps or leather pants?
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Thread: Where to buy chaps or leather pants?

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    Where to buy chaps or leather pants?

    Hi folks,

    Ok I'll admit from the start I'm not a sportbike rider (I ride an '84 Shadow 500), but you guys are the only forum I could find in this part of the world. So I hope you can help me out.

    I just arrived in Victoria, coming from Toronto. On the way, had a nasty crash outside Creston. Walked away from it somehow (If I hadn't had a full-face helmet, I wouldn't have a face anymore), but it pretty much mangled my Teknic mesh pants. To avoid having to replace my pants the next time around, I've decided to go with leather this time. But... I have no idea where to go shopping...

    I'm looking for either chaps or leather pants, hopefully with kevlar knee protection. Chaps would be better since they come off over boots. Where would y'all suggest in Victoria or Vancouver that would have a good, affordable selection? For stuff in Vancouver, it'd be great to also know what bus route it's on - it costs too much to take the bike over on the ferry, just to go shopping!

    Oh yeah and I'd also appreciate any suggestions for good leather repair - my jacket took a beating too...

    Thanks fer yer help,


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    Glad to hear that you're ok after you crash. There are a few threads on where to get leathers altered/fixed ....

    I just got my jacket and pants back from 'The original Leather Factory' 123 - 2323 Boundary Rd, Burnaby. They are very well priced (was $80 for jacket and pants to be hemmed and they did it in a day). They also had chaps etc there also - I'm not sure if any of them had protectors in them but you can always call and find out if they can do that or custom make them for you.

    Easiest way is to take the bus down boundary (it's one street South of Lougheed Hwy). Mapquest it for an idea of where it is and then check out BC transits website to plan your route (it'll do it for you if you put in your start and finish points).

    Otherwise, buy them online. I bought my leather pants from Ridegear. Check them out - also check out motorcycle superstore online (mainly for pricing)... if they have a lower price than Ridegear - Ridegear will give it to you for the lower price.

    Good luck...
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