Drilling the stock muffler
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Thread: Drilling the stock muffler

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    Drilling the stock muffler

    Has anyone tried drilling a small hole(s) on their stock muffler around the outlet? I have a Honda CB1 and would like it to be a teeny bit louder.
    Unfortunately I can't just add a slip on because the whole exhaust system is a one piece stainless unit(header to muffler)
    Any opinions or suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

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    It's the baffles on the inside that are the problem. Some people have had success with removing or ahem..adjusting the baffles.. i'm pretty sure this question has been asked before so a search may help.
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    a buddy of mine has an sv650 and he drilled multiple small holes inside in the baffles with a very long drill bit...now he said it sounds a little louder and better!!..he didn't have to dismantle the muffler to do that....try it if you have a long bit....let us know if it works on yours

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    I've gutted and built my own baffle system's in the past.....save's $$$$ and sounds good.

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