I'm moving today.

I'm on the noon ferry. I also need to go to the dump. And a lot of stuff is going to the dump that doesn't need to. Rollerblades, christmas stuff, computer parts (pvr card, good joysticks etc), desks, tv stand, end table, tools, storge shelves, clothes, etc.

Literally, anything that is not a family heirloom or worth something to only me or my wife, is being chucked. As many of you know I'm moving overseas and I have very limited storage space.

Come to my house at 1519 Edinburgh Street in New Westminster from now 6:46 am until I leave at noon and get your freak on.

If you see something you can use, take it. You just can't have the race car.

No "save this for me later" crap. I leave today at noon.