19" RCA TV With Warranty
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Thread: 19" RCA TV With Warranty

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    19" RCA TV With Warranty

    *** SOLD ***

    Almost 6 yr old TV - hardly used, picture colour and sharpness is as-new. See the TV in action before deciding, and then enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you still have an unlimitied maintenance warranty till Sept 15, 2006.

    I have the receipt and warranty documents. Remote is packed up in storage, so I offer two options:
    - I purchase an universal remote for you, or
    - You get $20 off the price, and then go and buy your choice of remote starting at $10.

    $70 OBO TV only.
    $110 OBO TV and Entertainment Unit.

    As always, prices are negotiable.

    Pics at:

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